After a mere 58 years since issue 7 appeared, Jim, Dan and Kris congregated in a pub in the heady South Welsh heartland of Treforest to discuss the script for Lou Scannon issue 8 – The Unusual Suspects.

Dan was taking the reigns for the first draft of this beauty, and in a fit of extreme procrastination, opted to create and draw Druid Investigations instead. But now that he’s finished that book, he knuckled down and cranked out the next issue of Scannon!

Knowing how much of a ruthless editorial bastard Kris can be, Dan opted to protect the old ego for all to see on the top of his script print-out. Kris has also vehemently denied that he loves ‘donkey penis’, regardless of what Dan writes.


As it turns out, Jim had many more little notes and adjustments at this particular script meet than Kris did, but Jim is always universally lovely and just generally brilliant, so everything all balanced out. YAY!

At the end of the day, we improved dialogue, hammered out some better gags, and pulled everything into a tighter story that a) kicks off the next big Scannon story chunk, and b) ruthlessly mocks Star Wars: The Phantom Menace a mere 17 years after it’s release. Our fingers are on the pulse, yo.

So, now Dan starts the large task of actually drawing the crazily over-detailed scenes that he himself wrote. Not one of life’s brightest sparks there, but that’s probably why we love the crazy git so much! Expect to see some fantastic preview art cropping up soon, and the finished, long-awaited issue should be in everyone’s hands at some point in the latter half of 2016.

Stay tuned Scannonites! We’ve gotcha covered!