No, you haven’t had a stroke or started imagining things – after a bit of an unexpectedly longer delay than usual, Lou Scannon issue 8 is scraping it’s rusty wheels off the runaway and getting ready to soar! Well, we’re at that bit where we’re doing the pre-flight checks in the cockpit, and making the flappy wing bits move up and down to make sure no bolts or fluid come out, but the analogy stands.


Each issue of Scannon is usually co-thrashed by Kris, Dan & Jim – but certain issues have one specific person take the lead story role before the others chip in and add lines, bits, etc. Jimbo took on “Fad Deity”, Kris tackled “To Hull And Back” – now our man Dan is handling scriptage on “The Unusual Suspects”. Now he’s unbusy with “Druid Investigations”, words have been applied to paper! And then typed from paper into an Open Office document! And now Jim and Kris are about to pick it apart and add in (hopefully) even funnier stuff!

So, if all goes to plan, the actual art will start within the next few weeks, the colours soon after that, we’ll unlock HdE from his gimp-space in the Attic Studios cupboard, and the lettering will begin. So sometime sooner rather than later in second half 2016, issue 8 will hit cons, doormats and inboxes! Boom!

We’ll have previews as they come (check Dan’s Twitter and Instagram for little nuggets of gold), and you can preorder the issue here.



We’re really sorry it’s taken the long. Sorry.